• FAQs About Fence Installation in Springfield, Illinois

    Do you have questions or concerns regarding fencing or fence installation in Springfield, Illinois? Read below to learn about FAQs that can help you make a better decision about fence sales and fence installation.

    • Can You Keep the Top of the Fence Level?

      Straight and level aren’t the same. Our technicians prefer to follow the ground shape, trying to keep the top of the fence panel as straight as possible. That is what allows a fence to look the best. If you want level panels, they can be stepped.

    • Do You Need A Fence Permit?

      Every county has its own Building Code. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that your proposed fence follows local regulations. You are responsible for obtaining fence building permits and any fees that go along with it.

    • Do You Have To Be Home During the Fence Installation Process?

      The best way to ensure a smooth fence installation is by being accessible throughout the process, preferably on-site. This is because issues may arise during the fence installation process and you can make a better decision if you see the problem.

    • Do You Concrete the Fence Posts?

      Some fences may require the additional strength of a concrete footer. However, a wooden post inside of a concrete footer will entrap moisture and the posts will rot because of lack of drainage. We tamp alternating layers of concrete and backfill to ensure drainage won’t be a problem.

    • How High Can the Fence Be?

      Every municipality will have its own restrictions. Typically, residential fences can’t be higher than 6’ in the backyard and 4’ in the front. Before installing your fence, we will make sure that you check the requirements with your local zoning department. We don’t hold responsibility for any zoning violations.

    • Can the Fence Curve?

      If your fence line curves, sections can be angled to follow. However, the fence sections themselves can’t bend without jeopardizing the structural integrity.

    • Can the Fence Go Along A Downhill Slope?

      It depends on the circumstance. Most aluminum fence sections can follow the contour of the ground. This process is called racking. Fences can drop one foot over the 6’ length per section.

    • Can the Fence Attach to Brick Columns or the Side of Your House?

      We offer wall mount castings that enable fence sections to connect to all flat surfaces. We also have adjustable wall mounts if you have to attach to a flat surface at an angle.

    • Can the Fence Mount On A Patio/Deck?

      In order to do this, we must fasten a post on a concrete slab and use a deck mount casting. However, this shouldn’t be done on any fence over 48”.

    • Are Fence Sections & Gates Assembled?

      Fence sections and gates come assembled. Certain styles of fencing may require additional touches during the installation process. We can ship sections broken down via UPS shipping for an additional charge. Gates, however, always ship by freight and can’t be broken down.

    • Are Latches and Hinges Included with the Fence Gates?

      Hardware for self-closing and self-latching fences are included in our prices. Gates over 60” wide aren’t guaranteed to self-close because of the size.

    • Do You Need Gate Posts on Both Sides of a Gate?

      Yes, because of the weight of gates, you will need support on both sides. Heavier posts are also required because of the consistent impact that goes on when the gate latches.